Inside Every Home lives a Great Family and a Builder’s Reputation.

Our family-owned business made its reputation as a highly respected, detail-oriented builder of multi-family homes, and as a stellar partner that maintains close working relationships with clients and members of NYC’s many communities.

SRBuild’s history began with an affordable housing project in East New York. At the time, no builders dared to venture into that area. SRBuild’s principals, however, correctly saw great potential in the neighborhood as a gateway from Brooklyn to Queens. Undaunted by the challenges, we forged ahead. And the success of this project was a testament to our prescience and tenacity­­; it served as springboard for greater collaborations to come.

In 2001,  SRBuild transformed its focus, concentrating on three different areas: creating affordable housing in the boroughs of New York City; building market-rate condominiums; and performing general contract work for not-for-profit clients.

Recently, SRBuild has completed several affordable housing projects in the New York City boroughs, which have been extremely well-received. Looking to the future, SRBuild has multiple exciting developments in the works that will soon yield even more wonderful homes for families in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.


Shelter Rock Builders is a family owned business with over 85 years of purchasing, constructing,
and owning real estate. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and invest every home
with style and function. We believe that a home is a place in which to live, not just to reside.